Salud, Dinero y Amor!

  • 18th March 2010
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E.T. phone home?

This past week my fiance and I made the journey out to Guaymas, Mexico. This time I was not the photographer but a guest to enjoy, celebrate, and take in this special time for a friend uniting with the love of his life- Marcia. Marcia glows, inside and out. Along the way we caught up with old friends and met wonderful people, one of them being “Mike”. Mike has this inner happiness that is so inspiring that we have found ourselves asking each other- WWMD? What Would Mike Do? Of course I had to snap a few shots from this wonderful weekend. Congrats James & Marcia!

Beautiful Guaymas!

WWMD? What would Mike do? Mike & his lovely wife, Pat.

Cliff jumping the day before the wedding. The best man tested it out before the groom.

Marcia, see what I mean?

An amazing sunset ceremony.