Au Naturel or Flashy flashes?

  • 8th March 2010
  • Blog

Shooting into the sun, on a problem in the shade with some flashy flashes. I dig the mountains in the background.

I went strolling around in some local boulders I hadn’t been to. It was a beautiful warm sunny March day. All the trees were striping the ground with their shadows. As I wandered through the boulders I was trying to figure out the best scenario to shoot these boulders on this day. When it’s cloudy, it can basically make things easier as everything is in an nice even light. However if not done right it can be :::yawn::: boring too. So I decided to test things out and made these two decisions.

1. Shoot a problem in the shade and into the sun. Kinda cool- but this flashy flash photography gets so over played sometimes.

2. Try to work with the shadows, thick forest, and sun to create a cool composition that still has you focused on the climber and climbing.

Which one works for you? I’d love to know.

Sam Benderhoff on his project in the warm sun- can you blame him on this fiiiiiine March day?