Yum, Meow, Hot, Sweet, & Classic.

  • 5th March 2010
  • Blog

It’s true. At this point some are hanging onto winter while others are running off to find dry rock in the sun. The other day we were out craggin’ with our tools still. Perhaps we should have had them tucked away and been climbing with our soft winter skin on a south facing crag. But why do that when you could have a day completely filled with shinanigans? You know what I mean? When scrolling through my images from the day I realized that I had shot a bunch of images that reveal some of the high quality entertainment I value with New England mixed climbing. Check it.

1. Pulling out bomber gear. Yum.

2. Fine craftsmanship of homemade fruit boots. Meow.

3. The newest gloves in the mixed climbing industry- women’s gardening gloves. HOT.

4. Pulling out bomber gear, again. Sweet.

5. Climbing a lot of rock to get to a little bit of ice. Classic.