In 25 Seconds…..The 2010 Ice Fest!

  • 1st March 2010
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Well, as though things aren’t busy enough for a full time photographer, I make myself even busier with an event I love. In my spare time (haha, laugh now) I also help put together an Ice Climbing Festival here in North Conway. It is 3 days full of sponsors, demos, a climbing competition, slideshow, beer sponsor, Super 80’s Dance Party, Apres Climbing Hours, Guided Clinics, and tons more. PHEW! Catch my drift? Somehow I managed to snap a few photos while helping to pull it all together.

Doug Madara running the La Sportiva & Sterling booth.

John Shortt getting some of the baked goods that his wife’s company, The Good Loaf sponsored for the Apres Climbing Hour. YUM!

John Fowler, Pat Goodman, and Freddie Wilkinson enjoying the Apres Climbing Hour @ IME. John & Pat came all the way from West Virginia & North Carolina for the event. Damn!

Happy Ice Festers enjoying the Apres Hour!

Doug Millen from and his “Soup Kitchen” during the Apres Hour @ IME!

The Cranmore Climbing Wall packed in with climbers for Steve House’s show and the Face Off Comp.

Face Off Competitors scoping out the route before it all went down!

MC Freddie Wilkinson hamming up the audience.

MC Freddie giving the rules to the competitors.

Peter Doucette starts off the comp by showing the audience how it’s done.

Pee Wee from Quebec shows us that the big guns can make up for a little lack of height.

Matt McCormick getting damn close!

Rob D’Anastasio using ice tools for only his third time….ever! Damn boy! We’ll be seeing you up north more next winter?

Whit Magro doing it MOG MANtana style!

Bayard Russell is not afraid of monkeying around and contorting himself at the same time.


The winner! Bayard Russell smoked it!

The AAC Super 80’s Dance Party time!

Hot shades, high ponytails, and neon colors. It was heaven!

The awesome band, Gnarlemagne! They ROCKED it!

Yes, lycra was encouraged and appreciated!

Again, hot shades and friends.

Sarah & myself. Sarah is the master mind to the Ice Fest really, and if we look sleepy it’s cuz we work 20 hour days and sleep 4 hours for three days straight. It’s all worth it!