Different Conditions

  • 23rd January 2010
  • Blog

Matt McCormick has his systems down- slipping out of his sorels and into his fruit boots to start monkeying around.

I was about to get out to shoot a bunch and my back went out on me. WHAT THE?!?! Talk about bad timing, as I was more psyched than a kid in a candy shop! So, whatever- this stuff happens sometimes. Though ice climbing can be miserable in a love-hate sort of manner, it can also be a blast when it involved friends, sorel boots, mixed climbing, and cragging. I’m hoping the back heals quick and I’ll be able to hang upside down soon. In the meantime some people that have an amazing infatuation with winter. I dig it.

Josh Worley getting ready for the sharp end.

Bayard Russell doesn’t flinch at subzero temps when chillen’, craggin’, & belayin’.

Ryan Stefiuk hangs with the Northern kids for a bit, and he doesn’t seem to mind it all that much.

Whatcha sayin’ Josh? Is your rope frozen or sumthin’?