Miguels Manfolk

  • 1st April 2010
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Matt Hughes

Everyone has their weaknesses and their strengths, whether they admit it or not. I’ll start with my one of my weaknesses- to continue to fire away when people take massive or sketchy whippers. I am constantly trying to override my ovarian instincts to help and support during these moments. Doh- darn ovaries! One strength- to twist peoples arms to let me take portraits of them. So, to kill some time one rainy afternoon here at the Red River Gorge I thought I would try to subject Dario & Pete to some portraits. They have really helped make Miguels at the Red River Gorge what it is- a world class climbing destination. Within 2 minutes of shooting the peanut gallery had gathered and started some serious heckling. What is the penalty of doing this? You become one of my subjects next.
And now….as they were calling themselves….The Dirty Men Of Miguels Pizza.

Peter McDermott

Spencer Victory

Had to include this one…Spencer, again.

Zac Sands

Keenan Conner

Dario Ventura