• 25th February 2008
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So, there he was, Doug Madara (aka MANdara) going up the ice filled line of Jack The Ripper (Jack On Ice) on Cathedral Ledge. Definitely a little sketchy, definitely a big ledge below him, and he and his climbing partner Jeff Lougee would definitely yell “SNARG!” every time Doug pounded one into the ice filled crack. It’s always good to keep a little humor in mind when the climbing gets a little exciting. To keep that humor going MANdara also brought a few hexes with him. (Ah yes, Henry B. would be proud!) After taking a big whip at the top Doug lowered down and sent the line on Saturday. He left the snargs in if anyone wants to give the line a whirl- which could be seen as a bonus or a sandbag. Thank goodness people are still selling their snarg’s on consignment! On that note, “SNARG!”