MANhoney Homewall Sessions

  • 21st February 2008
  • Blog

(above: Monkeying around- in front: Dan Corn & in back: Kevin Mahoney)

Wonder how these New England men keep themselves strong and amused at the same time? One of the secrets is Kevin Mahoney’s (aka MANhoney) homewall that he has in his barn.
The Rules:
1. Drink PBR
2. No hooking the tools on your shoulder
3. Wear bad footwear while monkeying around
4. Heckling is encouraged
Kevin calls a crew over when he can squeeze it into his busy schedule and his two little girls are fast asleep. Before you know it there is anywhere from three to six people there dry tooling all over his homewall (not all at once, of course). You’ll see climbing holds, and if you look closely you’ll see door latches he’s screwed on that just grab the picks of the tools. So a big shout out to Kevin for helping keep the psyche in North Conway strong! Woo hoo!