Morning Ambitions & Sky Ambitions

  • 14th December 2010
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6am?!” Kristen asked, are you sure?
“Yep, just gotta get there early, and be ready to shoot!” I replied.

About a month ago Dave and Kristin Karl of Sky Ambitions asked me if I could help them out with some photos for the Sky Ambitions library and to add to Sky Ambitions website which they will be launching soon. We set the date, and I awoke at 4:40 to leave an ample amount of time to make coffee, feed the kitties, and tie back my hair somewhat decently. When I arrived the Sky Ambitions crew was just rolling out of bed, in their pj’s, and heading straight for the coffee maker.

I set up 2 speedlite flashes with pocket wizards and had the Mark 2 hooked up with my “ol faithful” 24-70mm lens. 30 minutes later they we’re primped and pimped out in their warm clothing for the shoot. There was a slight haze this morning which strongly filtered the light, but gave a warm pink glow to the valley. We nailed one with Mount Washington straight in the background and another with Whitehorse, Cathedral Ledge, and Mount Washington all hanging out in the pink morning light. Mmmmm, purty.

To wrap it up we got some great individual shots for Sky Ambitions to have in their library when they need it. For these I didn’t care about the background, and the landscape. In fact I wanted the background to be abstract so it was all about the people, specifically these RAD people apart of this great copmany. For these my goals were these 3 words: simple, warm, and personable. And what does that? Any 50mm lens that shoots at 1.4/1.8 in my book. When I got back to my office around 8am, the sky was completely clouded over.

Now meet the crew below.

The man himself, Dave Karl.

The lovely, Kristin Karl.

A good-lookin’ Tim Keenan.

The Ropegun, Matt McCormick.

Kevin Stephani and all his lovely pearly whites.