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  • 29th April 2010
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Hilary Sherman sticking the dyno on Orange Juice in the Red River Gorge.

Damn! Check out these moves by Hilary! I know I posted an image of Freddie on this climb not too long ago- but when I saw this sequence I couldn’t pass it up. Something that I love to capture is when a climber goes for it, and as a lady myself it is really awesome when it’s another woman. It’s super inspiring to see a fellow climber huck a big move, run it out on gear, shove themselves in a wide crack, or witness them taking the whip! New Hampshire local Hilary Sherman has been training pretty hard this year and it showed throughout her first try on O.J. at the Red River Gorge. Do you have moves like this? If not, call this girl up and she might share her beta on how you can stick moves like this.