Making It Happen

  • 23rd December 2009
  • Blog

There is something very cool working with other artists. Creative ideas and vibes just start flowing as you’re collaborating and at the same time trying to understand the overall vision. The end result needs to speak for itself. Singer, songwriter, musician and friend Cheryl B. Engelhardt asked if we could work together and do some pictures for her newest project. Previously I had told Cheryl that I would love to photograph her sometime, so I jumped at the opportunity. The uber-talented Cheryl is doing things a little different here folks. She is releasing one new song a month for the next year. She is asking passionate music listeners to be sponsors of her music, and what do you get in return? Incredible music. This is a very progressive approach in the tricky world of music, as it is becoming quite difficult for musicians to get people to buy their work. Think twice before you pirate music or start to listen to pandora over and over again. Check it out, spread the world, and become a sponsor if you can!

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