Flash Back, Numero Uno

  • 14th December 2009
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Kris Odub doing it right on The Underling.

Hey y’all! I spent some time in the ol’ Kentucky this past spring. In a sense that place is almost like New York City, it just never gets old. It is filled with climbers and high quality sand stone. It seems to be growing with new little crags here and there, and also climbers getting out and exploring the crags that used to be overlooked. Below are some highlights from the trip. I really wanted to spend some time with folks that are pretty much considered locals. One being Odub and another being crack master Yasmeen Fowler. It was a damn good time! Can’t wait to pack my bags and head back down there in 2010! See? I told y’all.

Kris Odub being berthed on The Underling.

Yasmeen Fowler cruising along on Rock Wars.

Ray Rice loving the warm sun on the classic, Too Many Puppies.

Doug Madara on……on…..Super Slab!

A quiet moment with Odub.