Growing Gills

  • 3rd September 2009
  • Blog

I just finished documenting Maury McKinney swimming 42 miles in just about 26 hours here in New Hampshire. Yes, I said “swimming”! He swam across the longest part of Lake Winnipesaukee, and then turned around and swam back. Why did he do this? Not for himself, but to raise awareness and funds for the White Mountain Aquatic Foundation. Maury along with many others are hoping to bring a pool/aquatic center to the Mount Washington Valley here in New Hampshire. All that live or visit here know how incredible this place is. However, one thing we are lacking in our community is water sports that could change the lives for children, elderly, injured, and those that have a passion for water recreation. What an amazing addition it could be- I am all for it. Lastly, a big thank you to Maury and all those who helped.

All smiles right before his initial departure.

Maury getting his groove on in the early morning light.

Maury after his swim letting us know how many miles he swam with pruned fingers n’ all.

The whole support crew! It couldn’t have happened without them! Thanks everyone!