At Ease….

  • 23rd March 2009
  • Blog

The other day my friend Stephen Rovetti gave me a ring. He asked if I could give him a hand with a tactical shoot in a couple of days. Right away I said, “sign me up”! Not only do I enjoy the thrill of being around things that go “BOOM!“, but I also love working with another creative person. It’s always a blast when someone calls you up to collaborate. Idea’s get tossed back and forth, and you try make sure each other is in check with the set, how they’re shooting, and then looking ahead to what could be cool for the next shot. It’s also fun to see how other people work, and run their show. Good times! Thanks Steve, that was a blast. Below are a couple of images from the day.

I stopped and pulled back to catch Rovetti hard at work.

Me with the boys after a fun morning of camo, guns, and gettin’ it done!