Adiós Invierno!

  • 22nd March 2009
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I’ve been a little absent because I just spent three weeks photographing in Cuba. It was an amazing trip. It was an adventure, full of incredible people, and embracing a very unique and beautiful culture. More images to come with time, but it’s time for me to pack up and head to Kentucky and photograph down there for a couple of weeks!
Below are a few shots from my lil’ point and shoot camera. I love how light and discrete they are. Don’t leave home without one!

Flying into Cancun, Mexico….very purty beaches.

From left to right: Tino, myself, Yarobis, and Rocko a couple pitches up.

Tino & Yarobis hiking into the Cubana Mogotes. Mogotes are loaf-shaped mountains of limestone worn away by seeping water.