Mud, Muck, & Moose

This past weekend was the Mud, Muck, & Moose Trail Run at The Bear Notch Ski Touring Center in Bartlett, NH. It was muddy, mucky, and no moose in sight, but it seemed just psyched to suffer and have fun at the same time! I mainly went to photograph it because a few good friends were running to raise money for a foundation called, The Perfect School Project. Before I knew it I was saying- “Whoa! There’s Pete, Lynn, Jamie, Gabe, Marc, Jane, and Suzy!” There were so many people I knew, yet had no idea they were planning on running this race! They all seemed to have a blast with 5 river crossings, 20 inches of snow in the woods, and 40 degree rainy weather! I’m definitely signing up next year! To see even more pictures visit: Mud, Muck, & Moose Trail Race!

Pete Ostroski crossing the finish line & coming in 3rd place.

Sara Thibault psyched after completing the race and helping raise over $1,000 for The Perfect School Project. Any interest in helping out? E-mail Katie Smith @