Opposites Attract

  • 8th March 2008
  • Blog

Everyone goes through tough times. We all make mistakes and sometimes bad luck happens. We live, and we learn…. at least that is what I try to do. I have a friend that has been having a few hard times. Additionally, she is keeping her head above the bad “juju” (as I call it) that seems to want to follow her around. She is a single mother and her daughter is beautiful, they simply glow when together.
Some of my favorite pieces of work come from the most wonderful & beautiful experiences, and sometimes it’s the complete opposite. But I have to say it is absolutely amazing when something beautiful comes from a hard time or experience. This little drawing below is one I made for my friend to help remind her to stay above as she always does. I guess it’s a good reminder for anyone who is on a bumpy road with a few unexpected curves. Keep on keeping on.