My Two Cents

  • 16th May 2009
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Katelyn Dolan sending “Lonesome Dove”, classic 5.10a, Rumney, NH.

I love my job. I love brainstorming with others, creating ideas, working with magazines, athletes, writers, people, being outside and such. We all work together, and help each other out in many ways. That I dig and appreciate very much!

I got an e-mail the other day from a well known magazine in the outdoor sports industry, and I couldn’t believe it. Went something like this: “Hi Anne, we really love your photo of “Joe Shmoe” and want to use it. It is only for a bio picture and it’s really small, so we can’t pay you, but we will give you photo credit of course!”

Wow, does anyone work for free? Maybe for a wonderful non-profit or to give back to a community or cause, sure those are select circumstances. I just want to clear the record and say- a photograph, is a photograph, is a photograph. No matter how big or small, an artists images are to not be given away. I would like to hook up the person who is in the image, and say, “Use the image in any way and form, and let anyone use it. I want you to get yourself out there.” I inherently love to help people out, but, I cannot afford to work for free. With the way print is going out of style and web is becoming the mainstream for us photographers it’s becoming an interesting transition period. Not to mention how equipment costs keep going up, and need constant upgrading.

I know budgets are tight, people are spending less. But please know that I do not and can not give my work away, and you should never ask anyone that. We’re all in a similar boat working with the system here.

All I want to say is if you’re a pro photographer, you obviously know not to give your away your work. Sure in the beginning, we’ve all made our mistakes and perhaps low-balled ourselves. For those who are new to the industry make sure you value your work, or you bring the rest of us down.

On this note, I encourage all to get in touch with me to discuss their budgets, ideas, what you’re looking for, and see if we can work something out. I’m an open and casual person, so don’t let this post defer you away- let it be an invite to see if there are any other options and possibilities.

For the most part, all I’m saying is I would like to see photographers and photography valued now, and for many years to come. Make sense?