Ice Fest 2009

  • 9th February 2009
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Just two of many helpers for the 2009 Ice Fest!

I live in North Conway, New Hampshire where the climbing is incredible and the community is even greater (in my biased opinion). For my second year I have helped put together the Mountain Washington Valley Ice Festival. Sarah Garlick is my partner in crime in planning this, and she is truly the backbone to this event. It’s pretty awesome that we are best of friends and can work together so well. We had an incredible turnout and an absolute blast. Highlights included tons of demo’s from our sponsors, Kevin Mahoney’s slide show, Climbers Face-Off Competition (thanks Ice Holdz!), Apres Climb Hour @ IME, and the Retro Dance Party with Audio Kickstand. I just want to say thank you to all the sponsors, those who helped, and the people who attended. I am just so psyched and in awe of all the people in New England who rallied.
I’m already looking forward to making The 17th Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival even better! I’m feeling all sappy, but I just gotta say……I love New England!

Myself & Sarah Garlick, the Ice Fest planners @ the Retro Dance Party!